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Two Flight Schools in the US for Sale

Today, we introduce two distinguished flight schools available for purchase, further emphasizing our commitment to aviation excellence.

Two Flight Schools in the US for Sale

Our first school is a well-established flight school for over 20 years with a solid foundation. They are one of the biggest schools in Tennessee and have a high reputation in training (standard (98% passing rate). VA & TSA approval, Training Contract with Liberty University, and well-known Part 121 airlines.

With FAA 61 & 141 certification, it boasts a modern and standardized fleet, exceeding the size of comparable local schools by 3-5 times.

There are approximately +150 full-time students, plus +15 Veterans benefiting from the VA program.

Facility-wise, they have a dedicated satellite facility and ample room for expansion right at the airport. An added advantage is their access to a substantial discount rate on Cessna parts, reaching up to an impressive 50%.

The team size: 22-23 employees and instructors.

Fleet: 19 aircraft, of which 12 are owned and 7 under lease. There is room to add 8-9 more aircraft.

Facilities, including hangars and offices, are leased. Additionally, they provide a comprehensive training manual and pilot training program, adhering to the requirements of both Part 61 and 141. To facilitate due diligence, they offer extensive documents, including a Financial Report, a List of Aircraft, and an Appendix, ensuring a thorough understanding of their operations and offerings.

Two Flight Schools in the US for Sale

Our next flight school operates from three strategically located offices in Florida, USA, offering an extensive array of training products for aspiring pilots. Offerings encompass private and professional airline training, including highly profitable ATP-CTP courses.

The school holds both Part certificates, which creates a unique combination to have a solid foothold in the North American market. Additionally, it boasts SEVIS approval, enabling the provision of M1 visas to international students.

The school owns 8 aircraft, and has various training programs under Part 61, 141, including ATP-CTP (margin 30% profit) and in-house training from zero to ATP. With the Part 142 certificate (pre-authorization for A320 type rating training) in the near future, the school can offer the training from zero to A320 type rating.

  • Company Structure: Excellent structure, in which 90% of the business is running independently from the owner.

  • 1 General Manager, 2 sales managers, 2 operational managers, one assistant chief pilot, 3 check airmen. 12 CFIs.

This is an ideal acquisition opportunity for any company/stakeholder who doesn’t want to get involved in the day-to-day operational activities. As of 2023, the business is continuing to grow strongly (+20% increase in revenue). Expansion opportunities include: (1) augmenting hangar capacity to accommodate up to 15 aircraft, and (2) diversifying training products, detailed in our comprehensive due diligence documents. Further information and teaser are available to download here: At Brookfield Aviation Finance, specialists in selling aviation businesses, we take great pride in our unmatched expertise refined over 30 years. Our extensive industry knowledge firmly establishes us as the primary option for selling your flight school, airline, MRO, or any aviation company.

Contact if you need any assistance from an aviation expert and want to discuss your next best course of action.


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