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An EASA Long-Haul Carrier

Flexible & Scalable Business Model. Market Development and Knowledge in LATAM Market.  Being the most equip carrier in the country to take the window opportunity for the next 18 months to accelerate the growth between Europe and LATAM due to the monopoly restriction policy. Strong leadership management Team. Break Even in Y2023. 

An EASA Long Carrier , Asia


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Our client is an established scheduled long-haul carrier based in Europe, IOSA certified to connect the market between Europe and Latin America

1x A340, 5xA330


EUR 70 million 

Primary equity / secondary hybrid equity & debt

To execute their 5 years business plan between 2023-2028, in which to (1) increase the fleet from 6 to 24 wide-body Airbus aircraft ; (2) develop the new route network (3) Technology renewable to capitalise on window opportunity (next 18 months) to deploy the underserved market of the connectivity between Europe and LATAM.

Turnover (EUR), 2022: 159.17 Mil

2023: EST 177.53 Mil  EBIT (EUR)

Stage 1: Executive Summary & Y2023 Actional Plan                   

Stage 2: Financial Statement (Audit) Y2020-2022

Extensive Business Plan (5 Years).

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