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 Aviation Training EASA ATO

One of the ATOs has the highest quality standards in Europe serving established airlines in Europe, and the Middle East. One of the few ATO in Europe that can offer both A320 and B737 (diff. course to MAX), the most common aircraft type, specialized expertise in supplying of B787 type rating training.


The ATO offers various training courses: Type rate, JOC, LPC, TRI/SFI on A320, B737NG, and Max, B787.  The manuals are UP-TO-DATE accordingly to Airbus and Boeing requirements. Build a lean business model, which keeps the fixed cost low to the minimum, while easy to scale up. There is plenty of room for expansion. The buyer can change the principal place of business to a third country, so it doesn't only restrict in the EU but is open for worldwide.

Aviation Training EASA ATO , Europe


Client Description

Asking Price Sale

Debt and Liability

Revenue Generating

Net Profit Margin



Our client is the trusted and recognisable ATOs in Europe. The company strives to provide top-quality training for airlines, Pilots and focuses onmaking the training simple while maintaining high-quality services, andachieving financial goals. So that helps its customer to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the training (HUGE cost saving and time). The company focuses on quality aviation education.

EUR 1.5 Million (Sell 100%)


2020-2022: 1 Million EUR


Airlines, Government, ATOs and pilots

Will the management stay during the transition


The reason for sale

The current shareholders work full-time as TRE/TRIs, with limited time for ATO.  They want to sell the ATO to an ambitious owner, who has time to expand the business and take it to the next level.

Documents available

- Pitch Deck
- Business Plan
- P&L
- Certificates

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