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Operating Airline

The Company has achieved significant funding success, raising a total of £16 million - £10 million was obtained from the UK Government's Future Fund, and an additional £5 million was raised through private equity.

The airline currently operates Passenger charter flights. This is expected to be the last equity raise before IPO.

Management has vast experience and a proven record working for the biggest European ULCC. The Indian GDP is forecast to be USD 8-9 trillion by 2030, the third largest globally.

Operating Airline , virtual airline with low cosr non-stop model , UK


​United Kingdom

Investment Needed

GBP 10 Million 

Capital Via

Equity / Debt / Guarantee

Use of Funds

Capital requirements to obtain the UK Air Operator Certificate (AOC) 

  • £2.5m Equity triggers conversion of the UK Treasury Future Fund Convertible Loan 

  • £7.5m can be any combination of equity, debt, or guarantee

Business Model

Virtual Airline with a Low-Cost Non-Stop model

​Target Market

 Indian/South Asian diaspora markets connecting the UK & North America to South Asia.

 Other markets to follow.

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