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FAA Part 141/142 Flight School

The school operates from 3 offices based in Florida, the USA and provides a wide range of training products for pilots including private and professional airline training and very profitable ATP-CTP courses. 

The flight school is qualified for Part 61, 141, 142, with low competition in the North American market.  It also has SEVIS approval to offer M1 visas for foreign students.

The business is going strong in 2023. Room for expansion: (1) Hangar's capacity to store 15 aircraft (2) Other training products that are laid out in the due diligence documents

FAA Part 141/142 flight school for sale , Florida, US



Asking Price Sale

Debt and Liability

Revenue Generating

Net Profit Margin


Will the management stay during the transition

The reason for sale

Documents available

Florida, United States.

Owns 8 Aircraft, Part 61, 141, 142 FAA certifications,  operation, training manual, pilot training products, ongoing customers, simulator, office furniture, hangars tools, sparesand more. Revenue generating student houses available as extra.

USD 3 - 3.5 Million (Sell 100%)


2.9 Mil USD in 2022, 3.5 Mil USD EST in 2023


0.56 Mil USD Year 2022, 0.7 Mil USD EST 2023


The owner wants to focus on other business ventures.

- Due Diligence
- Financial Report
- List of Aircraft
- Certificates
- Appendix

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