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Invest in The Real-Time Bidding Platform for Private Jet Charters 

Mach2 is at the forefront of innovation as the first real-time bidding platform for private jet charters, the brainchild of ACOM Aviation.Mach2 connects private jet operators, air charter brokers, and travel agents with end users through a dynamic live marketplace. This pioneering platform aims to revolutionise the charter industry by introducing a unique real-time bidding experience, fostering collaboration, efficiency, and transparency.  


With over 15,000 private jets and 3.3 million departures in 2022 in the USA alone (JetFinder Statistics), Mach2 is primed to capture a substantial market share. In fact, the global business jet market is projected to reach $35.56 billion by 2027, presenting a major growth opportunity.  


Tested in real life with 100 operators and 200 charter brokers, Mach2 is Ready to Launch.  


On behalf of our exclusive client, ACOM Aviation, we are seeking strategic investor(s) to fuel its growth and seize this exclusive chance to be part of a ground-breaking venture in the charter industry with substantial returns.  

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Mach2 for Operators

Mach2 for Brokers 


Client Description

Mach2 is owned by ACOM Aviation, a British company, registered in England, UK, led by CEO Zaher Deir, and an experienced management team with over 100 years of combined experiences in the private aviation.


Investment Required 

Capital Via

Unique Business Model 

Target Market:  

Unique Selling Points 

Funds will fuel Mach2 expansion efforts, enhance its technology, and secure a strategic foothold in the private charter market. 

Seeking $850,000 in the initial phase   

Equity Stake 

  • Mach2's real-time bidding system is unique in the private charter industry. This brings new levels of transparency and efficiency.  

  • The platform expands brokers' travel agents' and end users’ options and optimises operators' fleet utilisation, providing mutual benefits.  

  • Advanced technology and security protocols give Mach2 a competitive edge.  

Even though the initial focus will be on the USA market, Mach2 offers a 24/7 live platform accessible from anywhere worldwide, allowing suppliers and clients to conduct business efficiently and transparently.  

  • Dynamic Live Bidding System: Revolutionises private jet charters with real-time bidding, providing an interactive platform for securing charter requests. 

  • Transparency & Efficiency: Provides complete visibility for operators and brokers to handle the charter requests, enabling informed bidding based on fleet capacity and availability. 

  • Empty Leg Marketplace: Empowers operators to maximise fleet utilisation by listing available empty legs, providing cost-effective options for brokers and end users.    

  • Competitive Pricing: Ensures competitive prices for brokers and end users, with operators presenting compelling offers through the live bidding system

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Offers cloud scalability, user-friendly interface, and intelligent alert systems for seamless charter management. 

  • Optimised Fleet Utilisation: Ensures operators maintain optimal fleet activity, reducing idle time and maximising revenue potential.     

  • Access to New Aircraft: Brokers and end users gain access to a wider range of available aircraft through Global reach, expanding their portfolio of charter options. 

Documents available: 

Stage 1:  Investor Presentation                                                                                                                         

Stage 2: Business Plan, Financial Projection. 

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