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Profitable Flight School for Sale in South Africa

Our exclusive client, a profitable flight school, boasts an excellent reputation, providing training for over 500 pilots globally. This turnkey opportunity includes courses from PPL to A320 type rating, 19 aircraft, an AMO-approved maintenance facility, simulators, and 32 student apartments.

The airport features dual runways and expansion possibilities.

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Client Description

Type of Company

Guide Price




Transport Vehicles


Student accommodation



South Africa.

Our client is one of the most dominant Flight Training Schools in South Africa with 15 years of history. The school provides aviation training from O-ATP, plus Flight Instructor Training. Having AMO enables the school to have full control of its maintenance and support for the operation needs. Based in one of the most dynamic airports with 24-hour ATC service. The school is profitable with a great reputation for its training standards. The school owns a great number of aircraft, simulator, transport vehicles, and student houses, which enables the school to offer competitive and comprehensive training packages for its students.

Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO)

USD 2.4 Million (Sell 100%)

  • Approved Training Organisation (ATO).   

  • Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) provides in-house operation of up to 1,200 hours per month.

Certifications. 19 aircraft, 1600 square meters facility. 2 bases (attractive locations). Hangar & office facilities (lease). Training manual, 14 pilot training programs (include: PPL; CPL; ATPL; Type rating on C208, BE200, Airbus A320, Airbus A340; Instructor Rating; English Language Proficiency...). Transport Vehicles. Simulator. 22 Furnished student appartments (leases).

19 aircraft, of which 15 are owned outright by the company, and 4 are used as security for financing the new simulator.

4 Vehicles (3 are owned outright, and 1 under finance)

AL250 FNPT2 simulator (owned outright)

22 rented apartments nearby

30 ATO Admin, 6 AMO, 5 Flight Instructors, 11 Drivers, 4 Cleaning Staff: 4

The 1st base: located at the main taxiway of the airport 24-hour ATC service, single runway of 3100m x 45m. The 2nd base: stand-alone base, and fully approved by SACAA. approx 1 hour drive from the 1st base, non-tower airfiled.

Will the management stay during the transition


The reason for sale

Outlook for 2024

Unique Selling Point 

The owner wants to focus in another career.

Very positive, with additional agencies being established in Asian and Africa, which lead to the additional stream of students.

Very little reliance on third-party providers, it enables the school to position unique in the market, consistant with the growth trend.

Documents available

• Executive Summary  

• ATO, AMO Certificates

• List of Aircraft

• Financial Statement Y2021, 2022

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