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ADDOR Systems for Unparalleled Drone Autonomy and Control.

Updated: May 3

Having utilised drones in various commercial and industrial settings for over a decade, our client has identified a growing need for increased autonomy and operational availability within their targeted clients' designated areas.

As a solution, they developed a cutting-edge system that empowers businesses with full control over drone activities, encompassing routine and on-demand surveillance, repetitive observation, monitoring, and emergency response support.

The market for autonomous drones has experienced significant growth, with projections indicating that it will reach £54.81 billion by 2030 from its estimated £10.89 billion in 2023.


Advanced Features of the ADDOR Automated Drone Platform

ADDOR Systems represents a groundbreaking automated drone platform designed to conduct portable and on-site aerial missions. Each flight mission is meticulously pre-designed with safety and objectives in mind, employing heavy-lift drones for maximum visibility and contingency measures.

Addor software interface boasts user-friendly navigation, simplifying the process of selecting desired flight missions. Additionally, ADDOR’s software interface boasts user-friendly navigation, simplifying the process of selecting desired flight missions. With management control over user profiles, different team members can utilise the drone to support their respective roles and expertise within the company.

During flight, users retain partial control over drone movements and full control over the camera. Captured imagery can be categorised, stored, and shared at the users' discretion. Upon returning to the housing unit, the drone undergoes automatic recharging and powers off, primed for its next mission.

Unique Features

ADDOR Systems takes pride in its ongoing business expansion. Their unique drone and housing system feature precision landing technology and remote drone activation/deactivation, just to name a few capabilities.

Furthermore, they've developed a comprehensive software platform supporting end-users in every aspect, from mission planning to imagery sharing.

Our client is committed to advancing our software further, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to significantly enhance video analytics and real-time response capabilities.

Connect with Felipe Cabezas and Nairah Dinah, our Brookfield's business experts, to learn more about this opportunity.


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