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Invest in the Autonomous Drone Market with ADDOR Systems: A Unique Opportunity

With a growing drone market estimated at $10.89 billion in 2023, our exclusive client ADDOR Systems offers a unique opportunity for equity investors or partners seeking competitive ROI, our client is raising £1.5 million in phase 2 seed funding to capitalise in the profitable future of the autonomous drone sector.   


A Growing Market with Diverse Applications


The autonomous drone market is expected to surge to $54.81 billion by 2030, illustrating a significant growth opportunity for investors. ADDOR System, a British-made platform designed for businesses to manage autonomous drone operations, plays a crucial role in market expansion, offering a range of applications that cater to a diverse audience.


Comprehensive Drone Platform for Business Needs


ADDOR System is created by our exclusive client after extensive research into autonomous drones and system requirements. It gives businesses complete control over drone activities, covering everything from routine surveillance to emergency response. The system is designed to conduct both portable and onsite aerial missions with pre-designed safety-focused flight plans, user-friendly software, and heavy-lift drones. This versatility is key for a wide range of industries, including border control, farming, site security, wildfire monitoring, and even drone light shows and advertising.


Customisable Drones with Advanced Features


The drones themselves are customisable to meet individual clients' needs. They offer a 20km range, up to 45 minutes of flight time, and AI-enhanced video analytics. The CoAXIAL Octocopter X8 design ensures stability in adverse weather conditions. These features, combined with the precision landing technology and remote drone activation/deactivation, make the ADDOR System a reliable choice for businesses seeking robust aerial solutions.


Intuitive Software and Reliable Housing System


The user-friendly software interface simplifies mission selection, allowing users to control the camera and partially direct the drone's movements during flight. The captured imagery can be categorised, stored, and shared according to clients' needs. After the mission, the drone recharges, and powers off automatically, ready for its next use. The unique housing system is weatherproof, lightweight, and easily transportable, adding to the system's appeal.


Investing in ADDOR Systems offers benefits of being a shareholder and partner, multiple revenue streams, including software packages and licensing, data pooling, consultation services, and the standalone sale of hardware for clients who want to integrate their drones.


Contact our business specialist Felipe Cabezas at and Nairah Dinah at for further discussion.

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