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Two FAA Part 135 Operators for Sale

Esteemed for providing an extensive range of services in the aviation sector, we stand as a one-stop solution for the industry. Today, we introduce two distinguished airlines available for purchase, further emphasizing our commitment to aviation excellence.

Two FAA Part for sale

Based on the East Coast, our first operator holds one of the most extensive authorizations from the FAA. This certification allows for publicly marketed, scheduled, commuter operations catering to both 9-or-fewer and 10-or-more (up to 30) passengers for scheduled airline operations and on-demand charter flights.

Additionally, the operator possesses an EASA TCO and OpSpecs that grant authorization for international operations, providing transoceanic access to North Atlantic (NAT), Pacific (PAC), and WATRS routes.

Their scheduled operation is tailored to the urban mobility market, significantly reducing travel time and making day trips feasible for busy individuals and corporations. Led by an experienced management team, this veteran-owned business is driven by a profound passion for aviation and urban mobility.

Our client boasts an established FAA Part 135 Certificate for on-demand operations, covering turboprop and turbojet aircraft, catering to up to 30 passengers. The operations are segmented into two primary business divisions: (1) aircraft management and (2) Scheduled business. The fleet comprises a blend of modern aircraft, including Business Jets, turboprops, and Cessna Caravan

The airline is open to discussing different possibilities including selling the entire company, the entity that owns the AOC, Joint Venture, or Investment.

Two FAA part for sale

Our next operator takes great pride in holding a distinguished Part 135 FAA Air Operator Certificate (AOC), which allows the airline to operate on-demand charter flights for up to 30 seats.

Their prized possession is a meticulously overhauled regional jet aircraft, configured to accommodate 30 passengers, which is owned by the company and included in the sale.

The aircraft features a fresh interior, immaculate paintwork, and recently overhauled engines, ensuring peak performance and safety standards. It epitomizes their dedication to aviation excellence.

In addition to this exceptional aircraft, the company holds crucial contracts with educational institutions, governmental bodies, and private charters, providing a robust foundation for future growth. The newest contract covers the entirety of 2024, which will generate a revenue value of US$ 2.8 Million per year in addition to ad hoc contracts.

They have seamlessly integrated all necessary facilities, including training contracts, office spaces, hangar facilities, and efficient airport ground handling. The team is composed of ten highly skilled professionals, encompassing a Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, HR Manager, Pilots, and attentive Flight Attendants. Remarkably, the company maintains ultra-low overheads and operates entirely free of debt, showcasing astute financial management.

Looking forward, the management team and the owner are prepared to offer seamless support throughout the transition to new ownership, ensuring a smooth and successful continuation of operations.

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Brookfield Aviation International has been a leading authority in aviation services for over 30 years. Our extensive industry knowledge firmly establishes us in the primary position to become your trusted partner in selling aviation businesses.

If you are looking for an aviation specialist to help you, contact to discuss what could be the next rational step for you.


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