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Time to Invest in Aviation

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Airlines on a remarkable turnaround

The airline industry is expected to return to profitability in the last quarter of 2023 with a $4.7bn profit on industry revenues of $779bn after three years of severe losses due to the pandemic (2020 $140bn / 2021 $42bn / 2022 $6.9bn). Passengers demand is expected to reach 85.5% of 2019 levels surpassing the 4 billion mark since 2019.

Recovery at a glance by region

  • North America: expected to serve 97% of pre-covid levels and 89% of pre-crisis capacity.

  • Europe: expected to serve 88.7% of pre-covid demand levels with 89.1% of pre-crisis capacity.

  • Asia Pacific: expected to serve 70.8% of pre-crisis demand levels with 75.5% of pre-crisis capacity.

  • Middle East: expected to serve 97.8% of pre-crisis demand levels with 94.5% of pre-crisis capacity.

  • Africa: expected to serve 86.3% of pre-crisis demand levels with 83.9% of pre-crisis capacity

  • Latin America: expected to serve 95.6% of pre-crisis demand levels with 94.2% of pre-crisis capacity.

Aviation Investment Outlook 2023

According to Investor’s Business Daily, the financial markets are depicting a strong turnaround and cash investment inflows from investors into the Transport-Airline and Leisure-Travel Booking industries.

The Leisure Travel Booking industry has moved up from rank 175 (out of 197 industries) to rank 7 and the Transport Airline industry from 148 to 53 respectively within the last 3 months in terms of institutional volume of investment (See charts below). According to Financial Technical Analysis Theory, the average price of both sectors and their 200-day moving average (black line in both charts below), are turning upwards indicating an uptrend. This implies that confidence has grown in investors seeking to capitalize in opportunities in the aviation industry.

Brookfield Investment Portfolio

We represent a world-class portfolio of clients in the aviation and aerospace sectors who are seeking investment on multiple profitable projects. Check our portfolio and request teasers for evaluation.

The Leisure Travel Booking industry charts

the Transport-Airline industry charts:

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