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Streamline Your Business for Sale

Updated: Jun 20

Selling an aviation business often provides the owner(s) a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Whether you want to sell your business to retire, move on to a new adventure, or have more time for your family, whatever the reasons, it could be an emotional process for many business owners.  

We understand this challenge and tailor our approach and strategy to help you sell your company confidently and easily.

Since 1993, Brookfield Aviation International has been a partner of over 250 airiness and aviation businesses worldwide in providing personnel recruitment, educational training and contract solutions. We have Building on this history, Brookfield Aviation Finance specialises in selling and raising capital for aviation enterprises. We differentiate ourselves by developing strategic relationships with a wide range of stakeholders worldwide and truly understanding the ecosystem between aviation businesses. Hence we can put you in front of the right buyers.


Here's how Brookfield Aviation Finance makes sure that the business selling process is comprehensive, confidential and effective so that our clients can save their valuable time and resources on other matters that require more attention.


1.     Client Assessment


Understanding Client Needs:

We begin with a thorough client needs assessment to determine how best to serve potential clients. This involves an exploratory call to discuss the client’s specific needs, investment or sale expectations, assets, business model, and financial data. This comprehensive understanding ensures that we can tailor our services to meet each client's unique requirements.


Creating Service Agreements:

Once client needs are identified, and both parties are happy to move forward we formalise the engagement with a service agreement. This agreement outlines the terms of payment for services rendered, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding from the outset.


Documentation Readiness:

We assist sellers and fundraisers by advising on and assisting with the preparation of documentation. This support ensures that all documentation is comprehensive, effective, and presentable to potential buyers and investors.

2.     Project Execution

Marketing Campaign:

A strategic marketing campaign is launched on Brookfield Finance’s website and other online channels. This campaign is designed to attract potential purchasers and investors by showcasing the strengths and opportunities of the business. We make sure all the confidentially aspects are being protected, and you will be informed of all steps along the way.



Customised Approach:

We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, we create and implement tailored marketing strategies to raise the business’s profile and position it effectively in front of potential investors and buyers. This customised approach ensures that each business receives the attention and promotion it deserves.


Professional Listings:

On the Brookfield Finance website, businesses are showcased with professional listings that highlight their best-selling points. These listings are crafted to make a significant impression on potential buyers while ensuring that confidential matters are adequately protected.


3.     Direct M&A transaction


We present your company to our network of investors, including airlines, aviation holding companies, big flight schools, MROs, educational groups, private equity, venture capitals, aviation enterprises, and other aviation-related businesses worldwide.

We provide information, facilitate documentation, and answer questions from potential buyers/investors on your behalf.


We arrange and lead meetings between you and the buyers, ensuring clear communication and coordination among all parties. This includes leading stakeholder conversations and organising in-person visits when mutually beneficial.


We facilitate negotiation for proposals/term sheets /LOIs including the value of the transaction and the terms. And we provide support during the due diligence process.


4. Close the deal

Due Diligence Support:

We help compile and organise the necessary records for due diligence, enabling a thorough evaluation of the business. They also arrange relevant visits for due diligence, ensuring a comprehensive review of the aviation company. We facilitate purchase agreements and provide support until the deal is closed.


Why Brookfield Aviation Finance should be your choice.


With more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in the aviation sector, Brookfield Aviation Finance can provide exceptional services and assistance. Our customised, client-focused approach and in-depth industry knowledge make us the perfect partner for aviation-related enterprises looking to raise funds and sell their products. Their dedication to quality, open and honest procedures, and all-encompassing assistance from the beginning to the end distinguish them from the competition. If you’re looking to sell your aviation business and want a partner who can streamline the process while ensuring the best outcomes, Brookfield Aviation Finance is your superior choice.


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