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FAA Part 135 Operator for Sale; US

FAA Part 135 Operator

Brookfield Aviation Finance presents the owner of a Part 135 FAA AOC Certificate, newly rebuilt in 2019 with a new interior, a new paint job, and freshly overhauled engines. This 30-seat regional jet aircraft has been operating with zero liability and debt.

Private charters and governmental and educational institutions make up the current clientele, which has enormous growth potential. 

Being an FAA AOC operator under Part 135 gives it a wide range of regulatory authority. It employs 10 people, including a chief pilot, director of operations, HR manager, pilots, and flight attendants: ultra-low debt levels and overhead and 100% owned by the CEO. AOC and Aircraft are included in the asking price, as well, as the introduction of the existing employees to keep the operation active If desired by the buyer.

The operator has a contract office/hangar for internal training, manual paperwork, and established airport ground handling If requested, the owner and the knowledgeable management team are willing to stay and support the ownership transfer for a smooth transition.

Let Carlos Gurrero – help you explore this opportunity more. 

At Brookfield Aviation, we're dedicated to supporting you on this captivating journey, ensuring the transition goes smoothly, and seeing this flourishing aviation business succeed.

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