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FAA Part 135 Airline for Sale or Joint Venture, East Coast, USA

FAA Part 135

Brookfield Aviation Finance is delighted to present a well-established FAA Part 135 Certificate holder, offering aircraft management and shuttle schedule business with a mixed young fleet between Business Jet, turboprops, and Cessna Caravan seaplanes.

As a part 135 FAA operator, it has one of the most expansive regulatory authorities including on-demand for both 9-or-fewer and 10-or-more to operate worldwide, EASA TCO, and OpSpecs that authorize international operations and transoceanic access to North Atlantic (NAT), Pacific (PAC), and WATRS routes, turboprop in-house training approvals, and commuter authority for 9-or-fewer. That is a rare combination

Experienced management team, veteran-owned business, motivated by a passion for aviation and urban mobility, 30+ Pilots, 15+ management and office staff Further information and teaser are available on -

Please contact Ms. Anna Tran- at, for further details.

Brookfield Aviation Finance stands ready to guide interested parties through this exciting venture, facilitating a smooth transition and ensuring a seamless continuation of this thriving aviation enterprise.


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