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FAA Part 121 Low-Cost Carrier Investment.

Brookfield Finance Aviation invites you to seize a lucrative investment opportunity with our distinguished client, a respected FAA Part 121 operator based in the northern United States. Committed to providing affordable and practical travel options for both business and leisure visitors, our client is set to transform the aviation landscape.

Investment Overview:

Our client is seeking strategic partners to invest in its FAA Part 121 low-cost carrier venture in return for a private placement of new shares, offering gross proceeds of up to USD $50 million.


Key Investment Highlights

  •       Strategic Expansion:

     By 2028, our client plans to amplify its impact by expanding its fleet from four to 15 Boeing narrow-body aircraft. Establishing direct links between key Asian and North American locations, its commitment is to bridge the gap in the underserved US market.

  • ·     Visionary Business Strategy

    Our client's distinctive business strategy combines the best features of international business models and low-cost carrier characteristics into a standardized narrow-body fleet. This results in a distinct and defendable business model, bringing a low-fare, low-cost approach to connect Asia and North America seamlessly.

  • ·      Financial Snapshot:

In 2023, our client generated an impressive $70 million in revenue and is now seeking gross proceeds of up to $50 million for further growth. With a precommitment of USD $10 million, along with USD $16 million in convertible notes and Safes, this presents a compelling investment opportunity.

  • ·       Strategic Advantages:

Strategic Hub: Pioneering connections between neglected US markets and other US and Asian hubs, significantly cutting travel times and expenses.

Market Timing: Capitalising on the rising demand for long-haul, low-cost travel between the US and Asia.

  • Technology-Driven Experience:

Enjoy a seamless travel encounter with digital services streamlined from reservation to in-flight. The long-term goal includes creating new narrow-body technologies to expand the business model's application throughout Asia, Europe, and within a close geographic radius.

  • Global Vision:

Bridging East and West, our client aims to create innovative routes and offer cost-effective choices for travelers.

  • Expert Leadership:

The transition towards expansion is supported by a leadership group with extensive experience in technology, innovation, start-ups, and airline operations.


For More Details

To learn more about this investment opportunity, please visit  Brookfield Finance Aviation Download the Teaser for comprehensive insights


Contact our dedicated team Ms. Anna Tran and Ms. Nairah Dinah to explore this investment opportunity further.

Brookfield has been a well-known leader in the aviation sector for almost 30 years. Because of our extensive knowledge of the aviation industry, we are well-positioned to be your go-to partner when investing in aviation businesses.


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