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Effective Succession Planning in the Aviation Business

aviation business

Navigating the future of your aviation business requires thoughtful succession planning, especially when it comes to transferring ownership or leadership. Business owners in the aviation sector must carefully consider the continuity and growth of their enterprises. In this niche, succession planning becomes even more critical. Let us explore a specialized approach known as the self-funded search model.

Understanding the Self-Funded Search Model in Aviation:

Succession planning often involves specific considerations like transferring the ownership of Aircraft Operators' Certificates (AOCs), and what are the requirements from the regulation and authority when it comes to transferring the ownership. The self-funded search model adapts to these unique aspects. In this model, an entrepreneur, known as the searcher, actively seeks to acquire and operate a business. They typically fund this search using personal savings or investments from those interested in supporting aviation entrepreneurship.

Aviation Business Advantages:

1. Seamless Transition: The self-funded search model ensures a smooth transition of aviation operations. Searchers are motivated to maintain stability and promote growth within the aviation business, aligned with the previous owner's vision. At the same time, understand the requirements of the regulation and authority to have solutions in place when the owner exits.

2. Expertise and Innovation: This model attracts business personnel with an entrepreneurial spirit, bringing fresh perspectives, energy, and innovation to the business. It revitalizes the aviation enterprise.

3. Preservation of Culture: Owners can preserve the unique aviation culture cultivated over the years. Searchers often aim to maintain and build upon this culture, ensuring continuity for employees and customers.

Considerations for Aviation Business Owners:

While the self-funded search model offers distinct benefits, careful evaluation of potential searchers is crucial. Assess their experience, skills, alignment with your aviation business's values and goals, and track record. Establishing a clear agreement, including timelines, milestones, and expectations, is vital for a seamless transition process.

Succession planning is a fundamental process in the business, ensuring its long-term prosperity. The self-funded search model, tailored to aviation, enables owners to hand over their businesses to talented entrepreneurs dedicated to its growth. Exploring this aviation-specific model empowers business owners to make informed decisions about their succession planning, ensuring a prosperous future for their enterprise.

If you are in the aviation business, whether planning the succession of your enterprise or seeking a suitable business to acquire, Brookfield Aviation Finance is here to assist.

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