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Client Needs Assessment

To prepare for the sale, we start with a detailed client needs assessment, followed by an initial exploratory call. We then establish a service agreement and move on to preparation for sale . Next, we launch a targeted marketing campaign to attract potential purchasers or investors, leading discussions to drive the sale process forward.

Approach and strategy initiate the sale


Our approach to initiating a sale involves a strategic framework, starting with assisting in the preparation of sale documentation. We then assemble and organise records to support sales. Finally, we create persuasive messaging aimed at attracting potential investors or buyers, setting the stage for a successful transaction.

Marketing efforts to target demographic

Our marketing efforts focus on reaching the right audience with tailored materials and unique strategies. We collaborate with clients to develop promotional activities and customised marketing approaches that elevate a company's visibility. By listing on the Brookfield website, and other marketing platforms (with your consent) we showcase a company's strengths and attract potential buyers. 


Flight School.jpg

Flight School ATO - AMO

Profitable Business

South Africa.


Tennessee, United States.


FAA Part 135 Airline 

Joint Venture Opportunity

The East Coast, United States.


​Cargo Airline and MRO

The East Coast, United States.


United States.

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 11.36.53.png

FAA Part 141/42

Flight School

Florida, United States.

th (24).jpg

Profitable Flight School in

South Africa

South Africa

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Our Story

With a long history spanning several decades in the aviation industry, our continuous dedication to foster relationship with stakeholders and customer service have established us as one of the most reliable partners in the field of aviation investment and financing. 

Why choose us?

Cooperation to streamline the purchasing procedure.

Cooperation to streamline the  Sellthe Sell process. 

Brookfield Aviation Finance conducts due diligence to qualify the right buyers with the financial capability and expertise to buy your business. We facilitate stakeholder discussions and fast-track information exchange. We also organise meetings and in-person visits to streamlining the entire process. Moreover, we provide guidance and market insights, which are invaluable to our clients to make decisions. 

Frequently Asked Question


How do we aqurie buyers ?

Brookfield Finance helps you find buyers with the financial capacity to invest in your business, simplifying the selection process and ensuring serious applicants are considered.


Leading stakehoulders conversations 

Brookfield Finance fosters stakeholder discussions, ensuring seamless information exchange and document flow to keep your deal moving forward.


How do we facilitate meeting

Brookfield Finance coordinates meetings as needed, managing all the logistics and ensuring clear communication between stakeholders.


Organising in person visits 

Brookfield Finance arranges in-person meetings when mutually beneficial, fostering stronger relationships between parties to facilitate more effective business dealings.

Book a Consultation Call

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